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tv   NBC 10 News at 6pm  NBC  June 27, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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nbc 10 first alert weather breaking news. right now tracking saturday's storms. here's a first alert weather day and you can see the heavy rain moving through our area on our nbc 10 radar. not the type of day you'd want to spend at the jersey shore. here's a live look at cape may where you can see gray skies and it is wet out there. nbc 10 was at the camden water front a short time ago where it was just pouring. but these folks came prepared to grill outdoors with ponchos and under tents. good evening. today's wet weather came just days after a round of powerful storms tuesday night that caused heavy damage and left thousands of people in the dark. tonight we have team coverage. we begin with nbc 10 first alert
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meteorologist michelle grossman. michelle how long can we expect these storms to stick around? >> at least the next eight hours before we clear out overnight. scattered showers in the morning and then an okay sunday. we are tracking heavy downpours right now. you can probably hear it on a lot of roofs across the area. one to three inches of rainfall expected. the rain that fell overnight in montgomery county and those storms on troouzuesday and tracking the severe storms south of philadelphia. right now on radar. we have one warning that popped in lancaster county and we have a tornado watch until 8:00 in parts of southern delaware. that's a spot we'll continue to watch for strong storms and otherwise a flood watch every county here painted in the green color, including philadelphia. mainly south and west of philadelphia, to the north, as well. that is until 5:00 on sunday because we're expecting the heavy downpours over the next several hours. radar showing us where that rain is falling right now.
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lots of dark shading indicating heavy rain falling. right now, the heaviest rain in parts of southern new jersey and also lightning strikes. some lightning strikes to the south and temperatures cool to the north and west. big difference to the south. 72 in dover and 58 in pottstown and talk more about the rain that is falling right now and what we can expect overnight and a better sunday is coming. we'll talk about that coming up. continue our team coverage with nbc drew smith who is live in glausbering county. many folks still there without power as this storm moves in. >> yeah denise. nearly 17,000 here in gloucester county. you can see some of the damage still laying out across these streets out here and further off in the distance, you can see flashing lights. those are the utility crews that are trying to string together these power lines and trying to get people back on the electrical grid. distribution center set up for people to come by. the atlantic city electric
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company donatd a loornlg doarge donation to the red cross to load cars up with water and ice today. some people said they were out of power since tuesday. they're now being asked to call atlantic city electric back rereport those outages. they want to make sure they can get everybody back juiced up by late sunday night. now, we told people to do that. they told people they're going to get right on it and they are sick and tired of being powerless. >> kind of stressful, little bit insane and try to make things happen like your normal everyday life and try to keep things replenished as possible. >> the weather has been getting worse, yes. we're still here. american red cross will be here to support the community and we won't go away until the power's back. >> you can see this sign over here. it says road may be flooded. that is very concerning to the electrical company because they're already dealing with a soaked ground. all of this rain coming down may
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cause more power outages with those weak and already damaged trees falling, again, on to power lines. so, there may be additional outages tonight. just more pain for these people who have been frustrated all week. nbc 10 news, i'm drew smith. >> oh, my gosh! screams of shock as a tree fell on a car during tuesday's storm in northeast philadelphia and was all caught on camera. nbc 10 randy gyllenhaal found out a lot of damage there. he joins us live in brook haven,dle, county. >> it is absolutely pouring in delaware county not making it easy for this cleanup process. you can see all the trees behind me. these are the trees that have fallen down. they piled them up here so that the power crews could come in slowly start to restore power and pico just told me they that
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expect everybody imict paed by tuesday's storm to have their power back on by the end of the day. for the first time since the storm, neighbors on mulberry street watch as crews install brand-new power lines. >> people come out and we were cheering when we saw them. >> reporter: with no electricity, jessica's fridge is empty. all the food spoiled. other family chucking in generators where electricity is a necessity. >> type one diabetic. >> reporter: their young son takes medication that needs to be kept cold and they're using a generator to power the fridge. in northeast philadelphia mailmen are having to navigate falling trees and uprooted sidewalks when the storm came through here people whipped out their cell phone. capturing this incredible video of a tree falling on to a car. >> oh, my gosh!
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it landed on my car! >> to me it seemed like a hurricane. >> reporter: april says it's now been four days is and no sign of any help yet. power is still out here too, while the crushed cars remain stuck under heavy limbs. >> won't come and do anything about it. they say they have other people and just running us around, basically. >> reporter: you're just waiting. >> just waiting and hoping. >> reporter: pico says about 900 people remain without power in philadelphia and even more in delaware county. about 1,500 but the promise is that everybody affected by tuesday's storm should have power back up and running by midnight. live in delaware county randy gyllenhaal. all the rain is causing trees to topple across the region. a tree came down on two homes along malcolm street in southwest philadelphia. it brought down power lines, as well. no one was hurt but it did leave a mess to clean up. and heavy rain overnight triggered a mudslide in montgomery county.
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nbc 10 was there and you can see still lots of mud covering the pavement. now, thousands of customers in south jersey are still without power. atlantic city electric is working to turn the power on for more than 35,000 customers. peco has 3 800 without electricity and pse&e has 600. stay with nbc 10 for your complete coverage of the saturday storms and you can download the nbc 10 news app to your smartphone or tablet to get live, interactive radar and the latest video forecast anywhere you go. searchers who tracked and killed one murderer who broke out of a northern new york prison three weeks ago are combing the same heavily wooded area for the surviving escapee. the search for david sweat has intensified. this weekend more than 1,000 officers are now combing the thick woods as the manhunt enters its fourth week.
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sweat's accomilous richard matt, was shot and killed by officers yesterday. >> we have no reason to believe that mr. sweat was not with mr. matt at the time but we don't have any confirming evidence that he was either. >> extended search includes teams in the air and on the ground. in an area that now stretches over hundreds of square miles of dangerous, rugged terrain. well back here at home no arrests tonight in a deadly double shooting in camden. 31 jooerld jawan boyd died two hours after this morning's shooting. the man and woman were found wounded on landsdown avenue just after 4:30 this morning. police are looking into what sparked that shooting. the red cross is helping five philadelphia families forced out of because of this fire in winfield. flames started inside a grocery store on north 54th street around 2:30 this morning.
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the fire spread to a beauty salon and apartment. crews needed about two hours to put it out. a firefighter hurt his ankle and the cause of that fire is under investigation. from our delaware bureau police say a driver who survived a crash that killed another driver in wilmington blew through a red light. it happened around 7:00 this morning. police say charges against 70-year-old thomas bellock are pending the outcome of the investigation. taking matters into her own hands. coming up the video that everyone is talking about. a woman climbing a flag pole in south carolina to remove the confederate flag. the surprising reasons why she says she had to do it. plus getting a head start on july 4th. nbc 10 was there for the kickoff of the welcome america festivities and we'll take you there.
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a woman climbed the flag pole in front of the south carolina state house this morning and took down the confederate flag. britney nusem was about halfway up the 30-foot pole when police told her to come down. instead, she kept climbing and removed that flag. the activist said she was acting in the name of god. newsom and a companion were charged with defacing a monument. all right, grab your umbrellas as you head out tonight, heavy rain and even detecting some lightning outside. we'll talk more about that and the timing of the rain and also what the second half of your weekend will bring, that's all coming up.
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sleep number, now there's an adjustment for that. only at a sleep number store. don't miss the lowest prices of the season, with the c4 queen mattress set only $1499.98. know better sleep with sleep number. on this first alert weather day. nbc 10 radar is tracking the saturday storms making their way
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through our area. taking a live look at citizen bank park in philadelphia where the philly's game was postponed due to all this rain. here's a look at the showers coming down this afternoon. meteorologist michelle grossman will have another weather update for you in just a few minutes. a prayer for peace tonight in philadelphia. community members gathered in west philadelphia to call for an end to gun violence. they said they want to get out the message after last weekend's shooting at a block party. philadelphia police are looking to arrest these two men, harley and lamar are wanted for opening fire on that party last weekend. the suspects are accused of driving up to the party on ogden street in west philadelphia and opening fire. police say 11 people were hurt, but they don't believe any of the victims were the intended targets. all of the victims are now out of the hospital. with just four days left in
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the state's fiscal year pennsylvania is running out of time to get its budget passed. an approximately $30 million budget bill is heading to the senate. the republican ahouse approved the bill but governor tom wolff called the bill -- america's largest independence day celebration kicked off in philadelphia today. the diva dolls and company performed for the crowd at the shops at liberty place. part of welcome america's family day. families enjoyed activities celebrating the 150th anniversary of the first reading of "atouslice in wonderland." and for a look at the full lineup of events for welcome america, check out the nbc 10 news app, a free download on your smartphone or tablet. a soggy saturday for visitors to visit the tall ship
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penn's landing. the army band concert for tonight was canceled because of the weather and the fireworks tonight are rescheduled for tomorrow night. not a surprise michelle with all this rain. >> oh, my gosh. so much rain. perfect night to stay indoors and lay on the couch and do a movie marathon because we're looking at heavy, heavy rain across the area. soggy conditions pretty much everywhere you look. we do have a first alert weather day through tonight because we're tracking the chance for heavy downpours. we're seeing them right now. we'll continue to see them over the next several hours and even gusty winds and even severe storms are possible south of philadelphia. so outside we're looking at light rain and also looking at fog in philadelphia. 65 degrees and the east wind. chilly wind at 22 miles per hour and gusting up to 31. that's not helping the conditions out there. we are looking at that flood watch in place through tomorrow morning where you see the green, we're expecting one to three inches of rain, that's on top of saturated grounds. the storms that rolled through on tuesday, we'll add to those numbers. we have a tornado watch.
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we can see in parts of central and southern delaware until 8:00 p.m. and that's our best chance of seeing severe weather well south of philadelphia. but we could see some lightning strikes in parts of southern new jersey, northern delaware. this is what radar looks like right now. heavy rain is falling where you see the darker shading and yellows and oranges. a few lightning strikes south of philadelphia. but mainly we're seeing the heavy rain parts of bucks county and montgomery county and the yellow and the oranges and those downpours out there. if you are driving tonight, you want tabe careful on the roadways with some ponding and parts delaware and included through central ask southern delaware we're seeing heavy rainfall. then sliding over to the beaches. this is a big week for people getting down to the shore. july fourth weekend. we're seeing some rain falling. as you go inland we're seeing the heavier rain and the red shading, that's the heavy, heavy downpours we're seeing. that's included in galloway. right now visibility reduced to a mile. if you are flying out tonight
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give a call ahead and check to see if your airline is on time. 58 in pottstown and feeling raw out there in mount pocono and 65 in philadelphia. big difference, though as you head down to the south and east. tack on 15 degrees. 72 in wildwood and 72 in dover. the dew points is up and that's why we have the best chances for severe weather south of philadelphia. future weather as we go throughout time here. this is a look at 9:00. a big saturday night plan. we have heavy, heavy rain falling, especially northern delaware and south of philadelphia and parts of the poconos and lehigh valley. same story by 11:00. most of it off to the north and west and then we'll see that throughout the overnight hours. see the plume of moisture. 6:00 a.m. still seeing some showers and then we finally clear out for sunday afternoon. a better half of your weekend with breezy conditions and sneaking out partly sunny skies on sunday. 66 in philadelphia cooler north and west. by tomorrow we have the early showers and then it's breezy to partly sunny. 78 to 81.
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by monday 82 degrees and a nice day. we'll return to mostly sunny skies. tuesday mostly cloudy and chance for storms. 88, 86 on wednesday and may see a quick shower or two. wednesday dry it out and then a chance of storms friday and also saturday for your july fourth. and just a reminder if you lose your power, comcast is keeping its plug-in and power-up stations throughout the weekend. you can charge your phone or tablet. check out the nbc 10 app for a list of locations. danny? >> thank you. coming up the fliers make a trade. no doubt we'll tell you about that. mother nature rearranging the phillies' schedule.
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check in with kate snow and a look at what is coming up on npc "nightly news." intense search for the killer on the loose. an inside look at one of the escapees' last hiding places in upstate new york. plus we're on the ground in tunisia as new video on a deadly terrorist attack on a beach resort emornls. also in south carolina activist pulls down the confederate flag. and a crazy story about a man who spent 12 years on death row for a crime he never committed. and wait until you hear what his job is now, when we see you in just a few minutes on nbc "nightly news." >> thank you so much, we'll see you soon. this is the xfinity sports desk. brought to you by xfinity. >> danny pommells. the flyers made a big trade this afternoon heading into next
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season. nickless grossman to the coyotes in exchange for sam gagner. a draft pick in 2016 or 2017. the gm would not commit to keeping gagner. the speculation the flyers could buy his contract. they also sent chris pronger's contract to the coyotes. he has not played since 2011 and currently works for the nhl department of player safety. to baseball now to the phillies they got two innings in with the naelgzs today before mother nature washed them out. they'll play a single admission doubleheader tomorrow at 1:00. gonzalez will get the ball in game two against the nationals pitcher to be named later. cole hamels also told jim salesbury that he has not
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blocked any policy trades and open minded about anything end quote. this includes the possibility of going to toronto and houston put on a no-trade list back in october. sixers hope their twin towers will now be a trio. okafor will be under the microscope tomorrow when he throws out the first pitch at the phillies' game. let's hope he gets it over the dish. okafor introduced to the media today. both the warriors and cavaliers made it to the finals without a big name center so we asked okafor if you need a star power at that position nowadays. >> big men have dominated the nba and all about big men. so people get a little excited because what steph curry and those guys did worked. their formula was fantastic. but as long as i can remember the big men have been dominating and the result has been nba
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championships. >> okafor played with jefferson at duke and while the two friends, they have a big rivalry going, as well. with both doing their best to represent their home town. have a listen. >> my entire year at duke he's talking about philly and how it is the greatest city in the world. so, we argue back and forth because i'm from chicago. i wish i had the better city but i'm happy to be here. lert all right, cummings signed a free agent contract with the houston rockets. take a look at this laced up his cleats on sunday, but did you know he's not too bad when he laces up his skates. imagine trying to stop a slap shot from this guy. didn't want any part of that with the charity event at the university of wisconsin. giving all he could at that slap shots. that's sports. back to you. >> thanks danny. looks like now we're dealing with this downpour. >> on saturday night, the worst night for us. if you have plans and need an
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umbrella. so much rain falling and heavy, heavy rain falling across the area. pretty much everywhere you look. this is what it's looking like on radar right now. green covering the entire viewing area and you see yellow and reds and that is the really heavy stuff. a lot of us seeing that falling at this point and have been for the past couple hours and we'll continue to see this over the next several hours. parts of baltimore and into delaware. we'll start to see the lightning strikes pretty soon. so, our best chance for severe weather south of philadelphia and southern new jersey and parts of northern central and southern delaware. we do a tornado watch until 10:00 p.m. in central and southern delaware. we have the chance to see flooding potential north and west of philadelphia including parts of southwest. tonight, expect heavy, heavy rain falling and temperatures dropping into the 60s and a cool night and a raw night and a wet night and also windy night in some spots. by sunday we'll wake up to early showers and good news we'll salvage the rest of the weekend and partly sunny skies and breezy with temperatures right around 80 degrees. monday a nice day getting us
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back to work. unfortunately, 82 degrees. clouds will be the rule on tuesday with a chance of storms 88. by wednesday partly sunny and thursday looking pretty good before we have a shot of rain. >> it's good the weekend is not a complete wash out. >> that's true. >> we'll see you tonight at 11:00.
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on this saturday night, on the run. an intense search for the killer still on the loose. and an inside look at one of their last hiding places as we learn about the gun fight that killed one of the escapee the. terror at the beach. new video of the deadly attack on a tourist resort as pictures of the gunman emerge. we're on the ground with the latest. flag fury in south carolina. an activist scales the flag pole and pulls down the confederate flag and both sides converge at the state capitol in protest. twist of fate. he spent 12 years on death row for a crime he never committed. now one man is working with the system that kept him locked up for so long. "n


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